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Make/Model: Lotus Esprit S3

Price: £17,995

Details: This Esprit started life representing Lotus at the 1986 British Motor show.
In 86 the show was held in Earls Court and was called “Motor Fair” for this year only.
All the Lotuses on the stand were painted pearlescent white, colour coded wheels with blue hide and carpets, the carpets on the stand were in the same blue.

The first owner purchased the car on seeing it at the show. Lotus show cars are believed to of been taken of the production line and built up by the special development team, which explains the quality feel of this particular Lotus, there are no cracks in the gel coat which is very unusual.

The car now is in exceptional original condition, it has covered 71,000 miles, however it really does look like it has covered less. Testament to its show build quality, exceptional maintenance over the years and being in the same family since 1989.
A comprehensive history file accompanies this interesting car.